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My adventures on German rooftops with obenstadt can also be found on Instagram.
For Rotterdam rooftop enthusiasm you need to be here:
Rotterdamse Dakendagen
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Katrien Ligt
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Senior creative producer and organiser of events in the field of architecture and culture with elaborate knowledge about activating rooftops in a safe way.
One of the traits is the infectious enthusiasm that is brought to every project. For the last 4 years this is mainly used for engaging all rooftop related parties ánd by telling the stories of rooftop possibilities though activities for Rotterdamse Dakendagen (NL).

• Understands the importance of social structures and communication with all different parties involved.
• Precise to make permit processes work smoothly
• With artistic vision to take projects to the next level and
• Practical know-how to translate those visions into real productions.

Came to Hamburg with this expertise summer of 2021 to found the Hamburg equivalent of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Days). This Hamburg organisation obenstadt is now in formation.

In Hamburg in the last 6 months a growing network has been build, with already over twenty rooftop visits, warm contacts with the different experts of the city: building owners, architects, and NGOs. Next to that there is active contact with relevant ministries in Hamburg. These contacts are actively working together with obenstadt and for the upcoming festival in September.

For obenstadt sharing knowledge and researching the future possibilities are important building blocks. Last months first steps were taken by guiding master students with their price winning master thesis about multifunctional rooftop use in Hamburg and the development of the student program and design studio AUF DIE DÄCHER together with the HafenCity Hamburg, where students worked on real life rooftops with the different players of the specific sites.


Organisator & Project Leader

Ligt also organizes exhibitions and cultural events to bring together different disciplines. This evolved in working for multiple festivals as a project leader (e.g.
Incubate Festival) and for Urban Explorers festival as an artistic leader. As coordinator and (floor)manager of international contemporary art center DordtYart she developed and produced the Sense of Music program where the borders of sound art and music were researched in the sound pavilion of artist and musician Dre Wapenaar.

Currently the work next to rooftop related projects involve:
- The production and program of the yearly Heritage Day of Zuid-Holland (conference day):
Erfgoeddag Zuid-Holland  
- Moderation of art and cultural events
- Organising and initiating art and cultural events