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If you do not want to e-mail, but do want to know what is happening behind the scenes?
Take a look at the [spreiktƐit]-page or  the Time Window website, or just dream about the projects I am workingon like a new and improved version of be my guest (interview magazine), and a new project on the DSM guide.

During the Time Window Festival 2016 the project Grüsse Aus Berlin is presented. This is a excerpt of the bigger project With New Eyes.


Katrien Ligt
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About Katrien Ligt
autonomous designer

Already at the art academy it was clear that Ligt didn't study graphic design to make beautiful things: designing is not about making a nice poster, but about showing people a different way of looking.
One of her graduation projects was selected for the Gogbot Awards, the other will get a continuation now. After graduating in 2009 she naturally started her own business.

Ligt her work field lies between design, journalism, and art. She believes that when two worlds collide interesting stuff happens:
— With new Eyes: an audio tour to understand the world of blind people, and research the role of a visual designer in it.
— Be my guest: interview series designed on the basis of the themes of each conversation

organisator & project leader
Ligt also organizes exhibitions and cultural events to bring together different disciplines. This evolved in working for multiple festivals as a freelance project leader (e.g. Incubate Festival) and for Urban Explorers festival as an artistic leader. In 2016 she started as coordinator and (floor)manager of international contemporary art center DordtYart.